Posted by: Nick Jiorle | October 1, 2009

The Shipp Inn

A jolly old pub set about a half hour north of Trenton.

A jolly old pub set about a half hour north of Trenton.

The Shipp Inn is a well kept secret of a brewpub, nestled up against the Delaware river in Milford, NJ. It’s modeled after Shipp Inn’s that are quite common in English coastal towns. The Shipp Inn also happens to be the Garden State’s first brewpub. They have three standard beers on tap plus seasonal brews. Their specials are usually on a real hand pump.

Their flagship beers are: the Golden Wheat Light, The Extra Special Bitter, and the Best Bitter. I personally tried the ESB and the Pheasant Plucker, a seasonal brown ale. They were both extremely tasty. I’m a big fan of English beer to begin with, so the ESB was delicious and smooth. Nothing surprising or original, just a solid Bitter. The Pheasant Plucker was a nice surprise. A powerful brown ale with a lot of nose and lots of action on the palate. Big heaps of caramel and molasses malts are noticeable and the cask conditioning adds that bitter taste at the end. These guys brew old school english style according to their website:

“Each week we brew fine hand crafted ales in 7 barrel batches using freshly milled       whole grain. Our unfiltered beers are made in a Peter Austin system complete with     handmade brick, copper and open fermenters in the old English tradition.”

The Shipp Inn has a beautiful view looking over a small creek and the inside is just as impressive. It looks like you walked into a pub on the English Channel. This old Victorian is complete with darts set and old wooden tables. It has an authentic feeling. They also hold events like Open Mic Night on Tuesdays, where locals play some enjoyable music while everyone enjoys some fine brews. If you are looking for an authentic British Pub experience or just some solid english style beer, The Shipp Inn is a must. Bottoms Up!

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