Posted by: Nick Jiorle | September 16, 2009

The Pollenator

The  bottle and the two glasses it filled up

The bottle and the two glasses it filled up


        When I saw this special edition brew in the store I had to give it a taste because I’m a fan of Long Trail. The brewery is celebrating their 20th anniversary. The Long Trail Website has the full description of the beer and the reason for brewing it. It has some interesting facts on the website. I’m a history buff so reading the background of pale ales and how they started back in England was very refreshing, Almost as much as the beer itself.

        According to the website the beer is brewed with two-row  and crystal malts, and nugget and cascade hops. It has an ABV of 4.6%. This beer has an interesting flavor. For those who haven’t drank Long Trail for long, The Pollenator was originally a seasonal, springtime beer from 1997-2003. They brought it back for their 20th anniversary celebration. This beer is only being made until the end of September so you need to get on it soon.

       The beer has a healthy, deep golden color bordering on amber and a medium head that hangs around for a while. I got very little in the nose from this beer, but it’s designed to be a light springtime beer so that’s not surprising. It is a fine pale ale though. Smooth enjoyable taste with a light action on the tongue. This was a very refreshing beer that was not a mind-blowing taste but just a great beer to sip on if you’re looking for something light but with some taste to it. Congratulations to Long Trail on 20 years and here’s to 20 more! Bottoms up!

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