Posted by: Nick Jiorle | September 9, 2009

The Exit Series

       I was at my local liquor store when I came across an interesting, single bottle brewed by Flying Fish Brewing Company. They have started a multi-year special brew based around the much loved, and traveled, New Jersey Turnpike. It’s called the Exit Series. 

       I investigated further and I think everyone else with a love of beer and New Jersey should too. The concept is that the taste and style of the beer for each exit corresponds with the Exits area. Each year they will release a new brew. They’re only on the second year and they have done Exit 4 (Where Flying Fish Brewery is located) and Exit 11. The Description for Exit 11 is an American Hoppy Wheat Ale that celebrates the crossroads of New Jersey where the Turnpike, the Parkway, and several other highways meet by combining a few different brewing styles. This is a creative and unique concept for a brewery to undertake. I’ve met the owners of Flying Fish and know they will do this right. It’s a nice way to honor the great Garden State. Although I have yet to sample either of the brews, I encourage every New Jerseyian to go out and try it. It can be found at any store that already sells Flying Fish. Bottoms Up!

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