Posted by: Nick Jiorle | January 27, 2009

Breckenridge Brewery- Ullr Ale

The Ullr Ale

The Ullr Ale

I was recently out in Breckenridge on a wonderful snowboarding trip. We got plenty of snow, but more importantly, their was plenty of beer to be had at the Breckenridge Brewery.

The Ullr Ale I sampled was a delicious seasonal beer I sampled. Ullr is the Norse god of snow mining and they have a week long celebration for him in the beginning of January. Now for the beer.

The Ullr Ale is an amber ale, which as far as I have seen has not been reviewed. They may only make it during the festival. The beer has a nice sweet aroma. It has a hearty and thick head on it that hangs around. It has a strong caramel nose, which lingers all the way down. Very smooth finish, with not much action but a great beer to have with a winter feast.

I sampled a few of their other beers while I was out there but didn’t take notes on them, but I can tell you if you get the chance to visit (and you most certainly should) you should try the 471 IPA. A delicious and strong Double IPA. It has a 9.2% alc/ by volume. Also I recommend the Agave Wheat. It’s a good wheat beer. Not great but once again, great with one of their many dishes. The Brewery itself has a wonderful atmosphere and their drafts are only two dollars during happy hour.

This beer may be tough to find in the New Jersey area. The only distributor in the area that carries them is Stockertown Beverage. (610 – 746-5611)

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