Posted by: Nick Jiorle | April 24, 2008

Canned Craft Beer? Believe It.

      This is something interesting I stumbled upon.  It appears that canning craft beers is something that may become a reality soon.  In Fact, there are already some breweries that have started.  I discovered this fact from an article written by Lew Bryson called “First Draft.” 

      Canned beer definitely has a stigma in America that cannot be shaken.  Bryson takes a look at the history of craft beer and canned beer in America and makes many valid points.  His most interesting is that canned craft brews are normal in all the European brewing nations like Belgium and Germany. 

          Leaving my own personal opinion aside, more often than not you will here people say that beer always tastes better out of a bottle. However, no one can explain why.  I have bought into that myth, but Bryson does a good job of making you rethink that notion.  A good point he makes in this article is that cans of beer now are made with a liner.  So the beer does not touch the aluminum, which is what always gave it that metallic taste.  He also goes in to how it is more economical and easier to can beer as opposed to bottling it.  Bryson even says that Sly Fox Brewery from nearby Pennsylvania is doing it. 

    Whether you agree with Lew Bryson or not this article should be looked at because it makes a solid argument for cans.  Please feel free to comment on this story if you feel strongly about it.  I would love to hear people’s opinions.  Bottoms up! 


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