Posted by: Nick Jiorle | April 21, 2008

Brewery Spotlight- Cricket Hill

This is a new segment I’m doing where we take a look at a local brewery more in depth. The first one I am doing is Cricket Hill.

Cricket Hill is a wonderful brewing company based out of Fairfield, NJ. Some may recall I reviewed their Hopnotic IPA and American Ale a while back. I really enjoyed both beers and intend on trying their other bottled beer, the East Coast Lager. The Brewmaster at Cricket Hill is Rick Reed. They have a great website
and a blog they update regularly.

They are engaged in many partnerships which have greatly helped their distribution and recognition. They are the official beer of the Philly Roller Girls. The Roller Girls are the roller derby league out of Philadelphia. Cricket Hill is also in partnerships with the Newark Bears and the New Jersey Jackals, both minor league baseball teams. Cricket Hill even brews a special beer just for Jackal fans called the Jack Ale.

Cricket Hill is a wonderful local brewery with great tasting beer and is worth checking out. To find out where it is distributed by you, check their distributors. If you live in Warren, Hunterdon, Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex, or Somerset County, call Shore Point Distributors at 732-308-3334. For the rest of New Jersey, call Regal Wines at 800-245-0184. If you are from neighboring Pennsylvania call Stockertown Beverages at 610- 746-5611. Bottoms Up!


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