Posted by: Nick Jiorle | April 14, 2008

Q & A with Gary Monterosso

Gary Monterosso

         Gary Monterosso is one of the most important figures in the Beer World today.  He holds seminars on beer tasting and food pairing in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area regularly.  He is also the editor for the New Jersey section of Mid-Atlantic Brewing News.   He has been featured on numerous T.V. and radio shows, and written a plethora of articles for many different publications on the subject of beer.  Mr. Monterosso has his own blog called Still Crazy after All These Beers.  Gary is still busy in the microbrew world and has lots of advice and knowledge of beer to offer.  I conducted an e-mail question and answer with Gary Monterosso and posted it hear for your pleasure.  Keep your eyes and ears open for when Gary Monterosso might be in your area because it is something that should not be missed.  He also has a new book coming out soon that will be worth taking a look at.

 1. How did you get into beer tasting, as a hobby and as a job?  

I have loved beer for as long as I can remember. I was raised in a style that probably could be defined as European, meaning that alcohol was not a taboo. As a teenager, I was allowed to drink an occasional beer and consequently never felt the need to sneak it.


My progression from simply enjoying the beverage to working in the field should fast forward to 1993. As my knowledge increased, I contacted a local newspaper requesting permission to do a review of a beer festival, complete with pictures. After the piece was published, I was offered a monthly column. In time, I moved from there to writing for assorted regional and national publications.

 2. Who got you into craft beers and microbrews?

No one got me into craft beers; it was a natural progression. Thirty years ago, there were very few alternatives to the large breweries, all of which were making basically the same beer. I went through a period in which I was looking for other beverages, though I hoped for something new to come along. When the craft brewing scene exploded, I jumped aboard and there has been no turning back ever since.

3. What are some of the things you have done? like as far as radio shows, 
articles, and TV appearences. 

Radio: Guest appearances on assorted shows throughout the country, in addition to the BBC. I was a regular on a beer-themed radio show on the Sirius Satellite network for close to three years. Since 1997, I’ve been a regular on Table for One, heard on assorted stations in the southern part of the state.


TV: Christina Cooks on Comcast, Lets Cook with Paul Dillon on Comcast, Your Morning on Comcast, Good Day, Philadelphia on Fox. I appear every three weeks on Hitzel A La Carte offering beer tips on NBC-40.


Writing: I’ve written for far too many publications to mention. Currently, I am the NJ editor for Mid-Atlantic Brewing News. I also write for Ed Hitzel’s Restaurant Magazine, Ed Hitzel’s Restaurant Newsletter and Beers of the World. I’ve been fortunate to have won three national awards for writing excellence. I’ve just signed a contract to write for two NJ based magazines and will debut with them shortly.

4. Are there any projects or events you are working on right now? 

I was just asked to coordinate an Oktoberfest celebration at The Pier at Caesars in Atlantic City. Also, I was hired to offer some tasting seminars at the new Toast of the Coast food and beverage event at Bally’s in Atlantic City. I’ll be working with a number of personalities from the Food Network.


In terms of video, I was hired by a production company to develop and star in a series of podcasts on beer. Called Still Crazy After All These Beers, I’d guess the first episode will be released within the next month.


A film company hired me to act in an independent movie set for filming this summer. Also, I’ll be appearing in a nationally released movie set for filming in Pennsylvania in 2009.


          My first book will be released during the first quarter of next year.

5. What beers have you sampled recently that you really enjoyed?

I’ve had very few new beers lately, although the one that stands out as truly memorable is Local 1 by Brooklyn Brewing.



   Well that is it.  Hopefully everyone enjoyed that and found it as interesting as I did.  It is good to know someone is out there keeping the spirit of beer drinking alive.  Bottoms Up!



  1. That was really interesting. The questions you asked went along well with your topic. I would have liked to know more about were in Europe he is from (that would show differences with beer).

  2. Michele,

    Actually, I live in the Atlantic City area. I was interviewed by the BBC when I appeared on the Sirius Satellite Radio network.

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