Posted by: Nick Jiorle | April 13, 2008

Gary Monterosso Podcast



      Gary Monterosso has announced that he is launching a podcast with Pro Edge Media.  It can be found at  Mr. Monterosso sent me the press release:

Pro Edge Media is proud to announce the official launch of our newest podcast called, �Still Crazy After All These Beers!


If you know a lot about beer or are just starting to appreciate the many flavors of this beverage, “Still Crazy After All These Beers” is designed for you. We’ll visit breweries, brewpubs, festivals and speak with the stars from the industry. We’ll also move into an area that is becoming increasingly popular by showing how beer gaining respect among chefs and restaurant owners. Look for an occasional celebrity added to the mix. Hosted by beer reviewer Gary Monterosso.


Check out our premiere episode at


(New Episodes of Still Crazy After All These Beers will premiere weekly)

Check back tomorrow because I am posting an e-mail Q&A I did with Gary Monterosso which will help people understand how important Mr. Monterosso is to the beer culture in this area.  Bottoms Up!


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