Posted by: Nick Jiorle | April 2, 2008

Glassboro Has Got It

           Glassboro, New Jersey is blessed in the craft brew culture because it is to not one, but two of the finest liquor stores in the state.  Located on Delsea Drive, in Glassboro, less than a mile apart are Monster Beverage and Hops & Grapes.

        Both these liquor stores have wonderful selections of craft beers and imports.  They both offer friendly service and a knowledgeable staff, but they do differ in some areas, but that is what makes each great. 



  1299 Delsea Dr N # C
Glassboro, NJ 08028
(856) 881-0458

     Monster Beverage has been a pioneer in the craft beer movement in South Jersey.  This is in large part thanks to Sal Pizzo who has been in charge of stocking the selection of beers at Monster for the past 5 years.

            Sal Pizzo started stocking craft beers and relatively unknown imports a couple of years ago when customers started asking if he carried certain types of beers.  One thing Pizzo takes seriously is customer satisfaction. 


“You learn from the people who know what they are shopping for,” said Pizzo.


From then on Pizzo started stocking more and more craft brews until he had quite a selection.  He never stops looking though because he says that customers always come in asking about a beer he doesn’t have and that gets him out looking for it.


         Monster Beverage has a huge selection of microbrews but what separates it from other liquor stores is its amazing variety of imports.  Pizzo proudly displays his selection of German, Belgian, and English imports with a whole island for each.  Not only that, he has a plethora of each.  Pizzo feels it is important not only to have imports from different countries but also lots of each.  Each of those countries is represented by about 10 to 15 different companies from each country.

            Monster also has a huge selection of organic beers, which are beers made with organically grown ingredients only. 

            Pizzo also claims that he started the idea of selling single bottles in this area because it gives customers a chance to buy and sample more kinds of beer.

Hops & Grapes

Monster Beverage

  810 N. Delsea Dr
Glassboro, NJ 08028

(856) 582-8110

      Hops & Grapes is a nice balance to Monster Beverage.  Hops & Grapes is a young store.  It opened its doors last October.  It has been the job of Brian McCabe, Hops Specialist, to stock the shelves of Hops & Grapes with beers of all shapes and sizes.

            Hops & Grapes’ selection of craft beers and imports has grown in leaps and bounds since they opened, six months ago, going from a couple of shelves to a whole aisle of microbrews.

            According to McCabe, Hops & Grapes has craft beers from over 100 different companies.  No small feat for such a young store.  But McCabe is always looking to bring in new quality products.  Most have to be approved by him personally.

            “I like to sample as many of the beers we get in here as I can to assure we are putting the best beers we can on the shelves,” said McCabe.

            McCabe says it depends on the season for what he stocks because different beers work at different times.

            “In the winter I try to have lots of stouts or porters because they are easy to drink in the winter.  Now that spring is coming we are starting to look for more wheat beers and lighter ales,” said McCabe.

            Hops & Grapes has a great selection of local beers and has a set up that is easy to navigate.  It is one straight line of microbrews.

            One thing that Hops & Grapes has that no other liquor store has in the area, is ambience.  It has high ceilings and soft music playing.  It has a cigar section and a bakery too.  It is very peaceful and well set up, yet it still has great prices on beer.

            Another thing Hops & Grapes is attempting to do in the future is set up a food pairing night at either Terra Nova or Landmark.  People will be able to taste microbrews that go along with certain dishes together for a wonderful experience, according to McCabe.

            So there are the two powerhouses in the Gloucester county area, in terms of craft brew selection.  First, there is Monster Beverage, the established name, with its massive selection and wonderful import section.  Then there is Hops & Grapes, the newcomer, which is always expanding and bettering its craft brew selection and providing affordable prices with a wonderful ambience.  Bottoms Up.



  1. Hey. I liked how you are objective in covering both liquore stores. Instead of saying one is better than the other you simply compared the two and what they offer. It was good to hear from a voice from each store. It makes the feature an easy read and makes it balanced. You also found some good information on the content on the store (types of microbrews and if some are available), which gives the feature some good material to work with.

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