Posted by: Nick Jiorle | March 25, 2008

Brew News

   Found some interesting stories out there this week in the world of beer.  The Brewing Network had some very interesting articles on it which will be highlighted here.

    First off is an interesting piece about Missouri trying to make Budweiser the state’s official beverage.  The article discusses that while many states have official beverages, Missouri would be only the 2nd one to have an alcoholic drink as their state beverage.  Alabama is the only other one with their Conecuh Ridge Alabama Fine Whiskey.  No decision has been made yet.

    Another interesting story found on the Brewing Network is a story about state senator, Hinda Miller, trying to lower the Vermont’s drinking age  to 18 again.  She reasons that the nationwide drinking age of 21 has not reduced drinking among teenagers and has only “driven underage consumption underground.”  A very interesting article that is worth checking out.

    This story from the Brewing Network was nice to read about.  It reported how craft brew sales had increased again in 2007.  The research for this article was provided by the Brewers Association.  They said that craft beer sales were up 16.7% across the nation in 2007.  The article goes on to highlight the success of craft beers in recent years.

    The last article I found on the Brewing Network was probably the most important one.  It was a report that stated that hop production was up 4% in the northwest.  The states included were Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  While the numbers varied in each state it highlighted an optimistic trend in hop production in the U.S. 

    One last note.  In local beer news, the 10th annual Manuyunk Brew Festival will be held Saturday April 26th from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.  Tickets are $30 in advance and $35 at the door.  Bottoms Up.



  1. I liked all the content in this post. The links are there for me to take a look at and you didn’t make it to worry. Everything was right to the point and you had some good information to work with. There were many cited sources and I liked how you ended your post talking about something local. It’s a good blend of brew news from around the world to right here in the south jersey area.

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