Posted by: Nick Jiorle | March 12, 2008

My Atlantic City Beer Festival

   Over the weekend I posted an article reporting on the Atlantic City Beer Festival.  Here I would just like to talk about my personal experience at the festival. 

    First off, it was a great experience being as it was my first beer event of any kind.  (I turned 21 last October)  So I did not know what to expect upon entering.  The Atlantic City Beer Festival exceeded my expectations.

    The convention center in Atlantic City is huge indoor venue.  There were 141 booths set up with mostly breweries, but also with food and merchandise.   Even with this many booths inside you didn’t feel cramped because there is just a lot of room in the hall.  The breweries were easy to find for the most part, although I had trouble finding a few of them like Red Hook and Ommegang.  There was never a long wait to get to any beer you wanted either. 

     I was able to sample about 20 different kinds of beer.  They gave you a small plastic glass before you went in to have filled up.  The only problem was that there was only one rinse station, unless you count the bathroom.  That was a problem.  I saw many people carrying around water bottles and cleaning them that way, which seemed like a good idea.

     People were very friendly and willing to suggest their favorite brews at the festival.  So I used these suggestions and purely brand recognition to select beers.  One beer I tried on a whim was the Milk Stout made by Left Hand Brewing Co. of Longmont, Colorado.  It was way different than any other beer I tried.  It was dark and heavy and had very strong coffee tones.  Not bad but I prefer the pale ales.

    Which brings me to my favorite beers of the event.  # 3 would be the Tun’s Tavern Ale.  Tun’s Tavern is located right across the street from the convention center in Atlantic City and is worth the trip.  They do not bottle so you have to go to them to try their beers.  This beer was simple and enjoyable.  Light head and nice color.  It seems like a great beer to drink after a long day on the beach.  # 2 was Long Trail’s Blackberry Wheat beer.  Normally I am not a wheat beer guy but this beer impressed me.  It was the first one I tried there and it stuck with me.  I expected the blackberry to overpower the wheat taste but it didn’t.  It was a nice blend that I enjoyed to the last drop. I picked up a six pack of it today to enjoy all over again.  # 1 for me at the AC Beer Festival was Stoudts number 1 selling beer, according to Mike Pearlmen of Stoudts, The American Ale.  This was also just an ale but this one had personality.  It had a nice deep yellow color and had some hops that played with the pallet but still finished smooth like an ale should.  This is another one I could drink a few of with no problem and without getting full, but still enjoying the taste.

    A bonus for me was all the free stuff.  I got a nice Sierra Nevada bottle opener key chain and loads of stickers.    Another bonus was meeting other interesting people that shared similar interests as me.  Turns out the two guys I interviewed for my article, Don Moore and Lyle Garofalo,  graduated from Rowan (then Glassboro State), which is the college I currently attend.  I can’t wait for next year, hopefully I can get more of my friends to come.  Bottoms up!



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  2. It is good to see some positive press of Atlantic City. Check out my blog, The Atlantic City Scoop (, for the political activity in Atlantic City.

  3. thats for sure, dude

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