Posted by: Nick Jiorle | March 10, 2008

The Atlantic City Beer Festival

beerfest-3.jpg            beerfest-1.jpg(photos courtesy of Taryn Gotham)

 The Atlantic City Beer Festival brought 75 different Brewers from across the world and over 300 different kinds of beer to the Convention Center this past weekend to celebrate the brewing tradition in the area. Many New Jersey and Philadelphia area brewers came out to participate in the Festival including Flying Fish, Victory, River Horse, Wiedenmeyer, Tun’s Tavern, Yuengling, and Weyerbacher.

The list of brewers attracted thousands of beer aficionados and casual beer drinkers of every age, above 21.

         The third annual Celebration of the Suds took place in Atlantic City, NJ this past weekend. The Atlantic City Beer Festival, as it is also called, was held in the Atlantic City Convention Center with three different sessions. The sessions were 2 sessions on Saturday and one on Sunday. Tickets were 35 dollars in advance and 45 dollars at the door.

        Most people seemed to be enjoying themselves inside the festival. However, it was difficult to get inside. The line for will-call was backed up with a 20 minute wait, and then it was another 20 minute wait to get in the doors.

     Pat Riley, who is a veteran of the Atlantic City Beer Festival, said, “It was a horrible experience getting in the door, but once in it was great.” He said this past year was the biggest crowd he has seen at the Celebration of the Suds.

         Inside, the large Convention Center swung to the sounds of Birnham Wood, a Celtic rock band, and the acoustic music of Todd Robbins. Don Moore of Vineland, NJ made his first trip to the Atlantic City Beer Festival, but is a veteran of beer events. He has attended 3 events held by the late Michael Jackson, the world famous beer critic, in the past couple years. He described the Michael Jackson events as an educational experience on what makes beer good and what type of food to pair it with. The AC Beer Festival was more of a place to walk around and sample different kinds of beer. His favorite beers at the festival were the Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA and the Victory Hopdevil. He also said, “It wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be. It was easy to move around once I got inside.”

Moore’s friend Lyle Garofalo said his favorite was Baltika no. 6, while Pat Riley said his favorite was Allagash Brewing’s Tripel.

          The brewers also were enjoying the festival because it was a good way for small breweries to get some exposure. Some brewers were handing out stickers or bottle openers to people. Mike Pearlman, of Stoudts Brewing Co., out of Adamstown, PA thought that the festival was good exposure and a well set up event. Stoudts is a veteran microbrewery that has been around for 21 years that has a pretty big market. There best selling beer is their American Pale Ale. Pearlman also is a home brewer on is own time.

            The Atlantic City Beer Festival was a success for brewers and beer fans alike.



  1. Overall, I think your article is very well written. It’s very informative and didn’t leave me asking any questions as far as who, what, when, where, why,etc. I do have a few suggestions. Like taking the times out (when you were talking about the sessions). Also, you left me hanging on the last paragraph, it made me feel like I wanted to read more. Just wrap it up some. Also, some of the words you use might not make sense to the average reader (me) so just re-word some things. That is all, and happy blogging!

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