Posted by: Nick Jiorle | March 6, 2008

Brew of The Week

flying-fish.jpg    flying-fish.jpg

                  The Brew of the Week this week comes right out of Cherry Hill, NJ.  It is the Hopfish India Pale Ale by the Flying Fish Brewing company.  This was an enjoyable beer that I sampled last night.      I give it 81/2 out of 10 beer bottles.

     This beer poured a nice orange-copper color with a nose that was full of hops and reminiscent of pine and citrus.  The Hopfish had an orange tinted, white head that mellowed out fast but left enough to be enjoyable.  It started out with a piny taste that smoothed out as it went down with a citrus after taste that finished dry.      Flying Fish beers are prevalent in the area and I thoroughly advise anyone to go out and pick up a six pack for the weekend.  A six-pack of Hopfish IPA will probably cost somewhere between $7 and $8 dollars depending on where it is purchased.  It is also on tap at many bars in South Jersey.



  1. Sounds like an interesting IPA, I noticed you didnt really compare it to any other more well known IPA’s. Any thoughts?

  2. No I didn’t. I probably should. Thanks for the tip. Compared to the IPA I rated last week, The Hopnotic IPA by Cricket hill, The Flying Fish has more body to it. The head also lasted much longer on the Hopfish. The color of the Hopfish was also a darker orange. Overall they were similar but the Flying Fish IPA just had more taste and more hops in it. Thank you for leaving a comment.

  3. I too sampled the Flying Fish IPA. It was full flavored yet easy to drink. Having drank several other IPA’s this one ranks high on the list

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