Posted by: Nick Jiorle | March 1, 2008

Brew of The Week

Cricket Hill- American Ale  I got a two for one special on the Brew of  The Week.  This weekend I was able to sample two different Cricket Hill beers, The Hopnotic IPA and the American Ale.   Cricket Hill is a small brewery located up in Northwest Essex county off of I-80.  They have free tasting sessions at their brewery every Friday night after 5 p.m.

    The first beer I sampled was the Hopnotic IPA.  Overall not a bad beer.  It poured a mellow gold with a medium white head that diminished rather quickly.  It was very citrusy with a malty bite towards the end.  I found at first it was a little piny for my liking but it got smoother as it went along.  Enjoyable to drink, especially if you like a beer with a lot of hops in it.  I purchased a single bottle of it at Hops and Grapes for $1.69 but it is also sold in six-pack form.

    The second part of this double header is the American Ale made by Cricket Hill.  This is basically a standard easy “American Ale” as it is aptly named.  It poured a nice, deep amber color with a big tan head that hung around for a while.  It had a nice caramel punch at first but finished with little after taste.  It is a nice beer if you are looking for something to quench your thirst or knock back a few beers with your buddy because it is on the lighter side.   Also purchased at Hops and Grapes in Glassboro for $1.69 in a single bottle.  It is also available in six-pack form there along with their East Coast Lager, which is a beer a wouldn’t mind trying.

     This was my first ever taste of Cricket Hill, but they are definitely worth checking out if you can find them.  On their website it says they can’t tell where their beer is located at because it depends on the distributor.  If you can find some I suggest buying a six-pack.                    




  1. Sounds like a good brew. Maybe when i take a trip to glassboro i will get the chance to try some.

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